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About Us

INANA Energy Projects (IEP) is an Engineering company established at 2004 in Iraq to provide complete solutions in Energy Projects and Electrical fields including contracting, Sales, Services and Turn key projects in this regard.

INANA Energy Projects (IEP) was established based on attracting highly skilled teams of qualified managers and engineers.

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Mission & Vision

To be one of the leading Iraqi companies in the field of electrical Energy (Generation, Transmission and distribution) through verifying customers requirements with the best quality services according to International standards and offering the most effective technically viable solutions within the required time schedule.

Our Services

Core business

INANA Energy Projects (IEP)’s core of business is the Electrical and Control systems for Oil & Gas, Industrial and Commercial sectors, which covers, but not limited to, the following activities:

Power Generation

  • Generator excitation system
  • Generator protection system
  • Turbine protection system
  • Boiler monitoring and control system
  • MCC
  • Medium Voltage Equipments
  • Control system
  • Civil Construction for Power plants buildings

Power Distribution

  • High & Medium voltage switchgear
  • Isolators & Switch disconnections
  • Fault detectors & Indicators for medium voltage underground networks
  • Subsystems protection
  • Mechanical construction
  • Civil Construction for Switchgear building.

Power Transformation

  • Transformer supplying, rigging, assembly, testing and commissioning up to 31.5 MVA.
  • Tap changers
  • Oil testing

Power Electronics

  • UPS
  • Converters
  • Invertors
  • Chargers

Earthing & Life protection

MCC, Motor Starter and specialized panels

Consultation services

Company showroom

Inana owns a showroom for more than 150,000 Items of Schneider Electric spectrums of products. Containing LV circuit breakers, Controls units, wiring, receptacles and field control equipments.

Area of Showroom:
about 150 m2

Baghdad – Al Hurriya Square Dist.909 – St. 60 – Abdul Salam Aldulaimy Building.

Contact Us:
Tel. +964 1 7781324
Mobile No. +9647901 787834
Sales Engineer: Mohammed Abdul Zahraa