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Company structure

Inana consists of two main sectors.


INANA Energy Projects (IEP) contracting sectors' strength comes from being headed by highly skilled managers and a well trained technical team based on the long history of implementing projects successfully in the Iraqi market.

The team is composed of electrical engineers specializing in Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and transformers for Assembling, Installing, Testing and commissioning. Most of them were trained in Schneider Electric (France) on medium voltage equipments and RTU (Remote Terminal Units), and some were trained in BEST company (Turkey), GE (Jordan) and Turbo Care (Italy) for various necessary skills in handling and operating Power Transformers, Protection Relays and Turbo Generators.

INANA Energy Projects (IEP) is a solution provider using up to date technology and international standards with professional experience for the following Service Activities:

Contracting Activities

  • System installation
  • System integration
  • System programming
  • System testing
  • System commissioning
  • Documentation

Site Activities

  • Site surveying
  • Supervision
  • Testing
  • Calibration
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • After sales services

Project Management

  • Resources management
  • Document management
  • Performance optimization
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Issuing progress report and following up management
  • Support services & Logistics


INANA Energy Projects (IEP) has superb business in the trading sales for Electrical Materials & Equipments through official agencies that cover the market's demands, particularly in the governmental and private sectors throughout Iraq via high experience sales Engineers and valuable promotion and sales plans and strategies.

INANA Energy Projects (IEP) owns a 150 m2 showroom in a bustling marketing place in Baghdad including more than 150,000 Items of Schneider Electric, KATKO and PMI spectrums of products, including LV circuits, among others.