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  Company Departments
Company structure

Inana consists of 2 main divisions and 4 supporting divisions.


Electrical department
Consists of 15 electrical engineers in specialties of Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and transformers for Assembling, Installing, Testing and commissioning.

Most of them were trained in Schneider Electric (France) on medium voltage equipments
and RTU (Remote Terminal Units) 6 of them were trained in BEST company (Turkey) on assembling, Testing and commissioning of (16 & 31.5 MVA) 33/11 kV transformers.


Civil Engineering Department
Consists of 18 Civil Engineers in following Specialties:
- 2 consultant Engineers
- 2 project Management Engineers
- 14 Experts Site Engineers

The spectrum of work in civil department includes the following:

  • Civil design,
  • Analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Work implementation on site

This department supported by 10 Technicians Employees.


Mechanical department
Consists of 4 mechanical engineers.
The main activity of this department is to provide technical support of other departments.




Logistic department
Consists of 2 engineers and 4 technicians to provide all services required for project like warehouse control (Inana own a 2000 m2 shaded and non shaded area) for storage and
work requirements.

The main activities of logistic department are for issuing Rigging plan for Heavy equipments transportation and installation up to 120 Ton.


Safety department
Leaded by expert engineers on the issue of safety requirements like:

  • PPE
  • Scaffolding
  • Brackets
  • Health saving and other responsibilities on site





Computer department
Consists of 5 engineers in different specialties with high skills in computer applications.

The department responsibilities are:

  • Document control

  • archiving

  • Reporting

A3 hp color plotter and A0 hp color plotter used in this department as tools to provide site engineers with A0 and A3 sizes of hard copies for AutoCAD drawings and other sizes of drawings.  



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